🌟 Step into the world of pageantry and mental wellness with our captivating episode of “Beyond the Crown”! Hosted by the delightful Anne Phan, we’re delving deep into the experiences of AAPI beauty queens and their journey to destigmatize mental health, brought to you by AMI in partnership with Asian Media Network! 🌟

🎭 Join us as we uncover the stories behind the crowns and the struggles faced by AAPI beauty queens, with special guest Kristy leading the charge. From winning the Miss Universe Petite title to directing the Regency West Coast Pageant, Kristy’s journey is as inspiring as it gets! 👸✨

💖 Hear Kristy’s heartfelt journey from Southern California to the international stage, navigating challenges, and embracing her Filipino-American heritage along the way. From TV production to empowering young girls, Kristy’s commitment to diversity and inclusivity shines bright! 🎬🌟

🌈 Discover how pageantry became Kristy’s beacon of hope during dark times, transforming her mental health journey and empowering her to embrace vulnerability and resilience. It’s a story of triumph over adversity that will touch your heart! 💪❤️

👑 Don’t miss this empowering conversation as we shatter stereotypes, uplift voices, and celebrate the beauty of authenticity. Tune in to “Beyond the Crown” and join the movement to destigmatize mental health, one queen at a time! 👑💖 #BeyondTheCrown #AAPIBeautyQueens #BreakTheStigma
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