Who We Are

Our website address is: https://asianmedianetwork.com.

AMN Programs

Current Programs:

Monday: Trading with Jason - Jason

Tuesday: Dong Y & Doi Song – Giang Hoang

Wednesday: On Point With Jovie Calma - Jovie

Thursday: Viet Lifestyles Home Shopping – by Jenn

Future shows:

  • Weekly Community Health Talk Show (sponsored by AMHA Hospice)
  • Weekly Realty Show with Elizabeth
  • Weekly Fil-American Show with Charmel & Fleur
  • Teens/Parent Show (Working to partnership with Dr. RJ program)
  • Weekly Legal Talk Show (Working to partnership with Asian Bar)
  • Cooking Show (partnership with Salad Master)
  • Weekly Chatting with Viet Celebrities (WIP)
  • What’s Up Arizona (TBD) – Highlight of Local Asian Community Events

Upcoming Reality Shows:

  • GenerAsian Z
  • Asian House Wives …

Weekly Fil-Am Talk Show with Charmel and Fleur

Weekly AZ Thai Community (TBD)

Weekly AZ Korean Community (TBD)

Weekly AZ Vietnamese Community (TBD)

Weekly AZ Chinese Community (TBD)